Jazy Beez Baby Boutique (only) Uses Organic Fabrics

Jazy Beez Baby Boutique (only) Uses Organic Fabrics

Jazy Beez Baby Boutique (only) uses organic fabrics. Our products are offered for children aged 0–24 months. 

We offer soft, cuddly textured organic cotton, adorable styles, and quality you can trust! When it comes to your baby, our products are comfortable and soft for a happy baby.

Our team are experienced in providing a fully bespoke service from the start. From the design process through to the final delivery. All products are customised with time, effort, and love.

Safe for your baby's skin. Babies skin is very delicate and absorbent during the developmental stage. This indicates that their skin will absorb more of everything it comes into contact with, including clothing's harsh chemicals. A stringent procedure is used to remove and regulate the use of harmful chemicals on organic cotton for GOTS-certified organic clothing. In order to safeguard delicate skin of infants. Inspections and stringent protocol ensure that the suppliers and manufacturers of organic cotton are held accountable. Since no harmful chemicals are used throughout the entire supply chain, it is safer for babies skin which includes less irritating.

Organic cotton farming practices are much more ethical and environmentally friendly than conventional farming practices. The process generates 94% fewer emissions and greenhouse gases due to its significantly lower water and energy consumption. In order to safeguard water supplies, strict GOTS regulations require processing facilities to treat all waste water without the use of chemical pesticides, artificial fertilisers, or genetically modified seeds, organic cotton is grown naturally and protects the environment.

Benefits to factory and farm workers as a result of the stringent GOTS regulations, farmers and factory workers do not come into contact with any harmful chemicals during the production of organic cotton, thereby protecting their health. They can use saved cotton seeds because they have not been damaged by chemicals, which makes farming more sustainable as the soil is not polluted, they can grow food alongside cotton, which means they can make more money. Workers naturally feel happier as a result of the favourable working conditions and fair pay. Under GOTS regulations and standards, child labour is also banned.

Organic cotton is long lasting, our products last up to five times longer than traditional cotton products, if you switch to organic cotton and follow the washing instructions. Organic cotton is also biodegradable after use, you can feel better about your purchase. Despite the fact that organic cotton can cost more up front, its long lifespan makes it much more affordable in the long run.

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