Hello, my name is Jaz, Founder of Jazy Beez Baby Boutique and a mother of 2 wonderful children.

The story behind Jazy Beez Baby Boutique has connections to my nickname Jazy Bee. The Z was added for the plural of my family.

My logo signifies five Bees, the colourful heart on each one of my five Beez represents important family members which are conveying the past, present and future of four generations. The main problem I came across raising my children was finding organically cultivated clothing for children with sensitive skin issues. Having a similar type of sensitivity to non organic fabrics.

Experiencing sensitive skin as a child and raising my two children, I found that both of my children were faced with similar skin sensitivity. After researching into different fabrics, I found that throughout my children's lives, organic cotton OEKO-TEX standard 100 was the best type of fabric to use.

Using organic cotton as the main source of fabric for our garments due to the environmentally friendly aspect. It is known to be economically viable and has been used since 2016. The use of organic materials GOTS certified fabric and undercoated garments. The registered trademark is Oeko-Tex is certified (tested for harmful substances).

So, for years I have encouraged young mothers and new parents to use organically sourced cotton clothing for its softness, breathability, durability, quality, long life span and free of pesticide. Spreading the word, that eco-fabrics are the best way to go as it is environmentally friendly and more economically, a better option for babies and adults with problematic skin issues. I feel that organic cotton is better for a growing baby also extremely soft on the skin.

There is a pain point with babies who have allergies and/or sensitive skin. Caregivers are struggling to find originally crafted products, which acknowledge babies' skin sensitivity and therefore this is the reason why the concept of Jazy Beez Baby Boutique had arisen.

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